Far-Infrared Sauna Devices

The body temperature increase helps promote blood circulation, increase level of of immunity and prevent various adult diseases

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spa capsule, portable sauna dome, far infrared spa capsule, best sauna dome
Shower Rooms & Sauna Rooms , Body Massagers , Rehabilitation Therapy products
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Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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Jul 11, 2024
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Product name Far-Infrared Sauna Devices Certification CE
Category Shower Rooms & Sauna Rooms
Body Massagers
Rehabilitation Therapy products
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Far-Infrared Sauna Devices




01.  Why is our far infrared product excellent?

A: The patented surface heating apparatus originated in Japan.

As it is made with a carbon nano form which is thinner than hair, the intensity of

far-infrared irradiation is high enough to penetrate deep into the human body.

Thus, it facilitates blood circulation and enhances the immune system.

02.  Directions for effective use?

A: Use it not more than 40minutes once or twice a day. It is effective if you wear

a thin cotton cloth or use it with bare skin. It is more effective if you use

a cover to prevent a temperature drop caused by the inflow of external air

during the use of the product.

03.  What clinical trials have been conducted?

A: The clinical trial was conducted at Kyung Hee University Oriental Medicine

Hospital which provides advanced medical service. The product was used twice

a week for 6weeks (a total of 12times). It was found that visceral fats were reduced.

In addition, the simulation tests about pain relief were carried out in four hospitals.

As a result, it was found that the product was effective for pain relief.

04.  Is there a problem with frequent use?

A: There are no problems with frequent use. However, it is recommended that

those who have hypertension, hypotension, or nervous breakdown should not

use it frequently.

05.  Does it use a lot of electricity?

A: No. Because this product does not make heat with wires but only emits pure

far-infrared heat, not much electricity is required.

06.  Are there any fire hazards?

A: Non-combustible materials are used. However, there is a risk of fire if the

heat-generating part gets in contact with a blanket or latex materials for a long time.

07.  What are the precautions?

A: It is recommended that users should get a sufficient amount of water before use

to prevent the risk of dehydration. User should avoid directly touching the

heat-generating surface. It is natural for skin to turn red after use.



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Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Jul 11, 2024
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Seong-Keun Kang
Rm.417, Daerung Techno Town-12, 327-32, Gasan-dong,, Geumcheon-gu,Seoul,
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Best Green Life Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of home appliances and healthcare & fitnesse items and beauty devices in Korea. Since we were established in 1997, we have been supplying nothing but qualified, innovative products to our clients in around 30 countries.

All of our staff have established a plenty of experience in their fields to show our partners the best performance in the interest of theirs.

During our early years, we were the pioneer of the cold-pressed slow juicers to introduce to Western countries and now exporting to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on.

Our mission is to make people enjoy Mother Nature's benefits to mankinds so as to help them living not only longer, but healthier.

Our products have been developed under this mission and will be applied with advanced technologies step by step so that more people can get Mother Nature's benefits with them more and easier.

We will never forget why we started Best Green Life and our belief in the healing power of Mother Nature.

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Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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