RealEMS Champion Belt

RealEMS Champion Belt

The most complete EMS trainer

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South Korea
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exercise products, exercise trainer, ems belt, ems massager
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ION international Co.Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Business type
Verified Certificate



Product name RealEMS Champion Belt Certification FDA , CE
Category Other Home Products
Other Indoor Sports Products
Body Massagers
Other Health Care Products
Other Portable & Wearable Devices
Keyword exercise products , exercise trainer , ems belt , ems massager Unit Size -
Brand name REAL EMS Unit Weigh 700 g
origin South Korea Stock 5000
Supply type OBM HS code -

Product Information

Anytime! Anywhere! Anyone!

The Most Complete EMS Trainer


EMS training is already recognized in Europe, including Germany and Hungary as a rehabilitation training, as well as a training method with high efficiency over investment time.


If you have an experience of EMS training, you might know already.


The equipment is really expensive to own and hard to manage them.


And, it requires to wear whole body suit, so you have to go the gym, P.T shop or rehabilitation center.


ION international has studied to make the personal EMS device which people can use anytime, anywhere and anyone. 

And finally, we made personal EMS training device whice can provide similar electrical pulse like high-end EMS products.



Exisiting personal EMS products use gel pads, and when it's used for a long time, the adhesive stength of the gel will deteriorate. This caused the stimulus delivery to be inconsistent, so the pads had to be repurchased/replaced.


REAL EMS's special pad is a pad of fiber type, it can be washed with water, so it can be used more hygienically and there is no need to change it periodically, so the user can clearly feel the differernce in maintenance cost.



REAL EMS is 100% produced in South Korea. Excellent quality! We guarantee a reliable warranty.



You can easily select and use the desired exercise mode with a single button.


From a 20minute automatic training program to a strength mode for intense workouts!


Experience powerful stimulation with different modes!


REAL EMS uses 3 fixed Hz. 

Meaning of Hz in EMS is the number of muscles pulls per second. 

Therefore, you might think that the higher is better, but EMS companies with high technology such as Germany and Hungary have announced that the frequency between 80-85Hz is the optimal frequency for strength training.



We have received certificates from the FDA, FCC, and CE.


The Seoul city selected and guaranteed the REAL EMS as the best product.


Reducement of percentage body fat & Abdominal fat Improvement of back and abdominal skin liftings.


We proved effectiveness of the REAL EMS through the clinical tests.





The most perfect trainer you can use with exercise.

It doesnt'tflow down even with strenuous exercise, and it correct the posture with an built-in lumbar support.


Now just put it on your waist! 

Now you can easily feel the stimulation at home, which was only felt by expensive group EMS equipment.





The champion belt is the perfect trainer which can be used together with exercises! Now just try it on your back!


Successfully completed the clinical trials for the reduction of the body fats, abdominal fats and improvement of abdominal skin liftings.


-Name of the product

 REAL EMS-C Champion belt

-Applicable area

 Abdomen, back and side

-Manufacturer and seller

 ION international Co, Ltd

-Place of production

 South Korea

-Product composition

 Champion belt, Pads(2ea), Controller, 

 Cable, Pouch, Spray, User manual


 S: 24-28inch / M: 29-33inch / L: 34-38inch /   XL: 39-43inch / XXL: 44-48inch

-KC verification code



Verified Certificate



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ION international Co.Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Business type



#A-870-871, 550, Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Indoor Sports Products
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

 ION international corporation manufatures the world's best EMS exercise & massage product called"REAL EMS".

We established the corporation in 2015 and we actively exports the Low frequency device globally, such as:

Japan,USA and EU countries.


In 2021, we successfully completed the Crowdfundings over 800,000USD.

We made completely perfect wearble device by supplementing the disadvantages of original low frequency devices.

I highly recommend the "REAL EMS" which will be the necessity product in current COVID 19 daily lives.

Anytime! Anywhere! Anybody! The most perfect EMS trainer!

EMS training is well known in the EU countries including Germany and Hungary, If you’re familiar with EMS training, you must be aware of the fact that these EMS devices are usually too pricey for individual possession. Also, to train in these expensive EMS devices, people are often required to visit and experience it via professional health training facilities or Personal Training facilities.

ION international Co,.Ltd is continuously developing EMS devices that can be used anytime, anywhere, and for anyone.

Main Markets

Germany Germany

Japan Japan

Thailand Thailand

U.A.E. U.A.E.


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