Smart Board for upper limb rehabilitation

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    Importance of Functional Arm Reaching Training

    The Smart Board is a virtual-reality adapted mobile arm support, effectively improving range of motion and coordination of the shoulder and elbow joints



    Smart Board for Upper Extremity Exercise following Stroke

    Neofect Smart Board is a high-tech medical device that develops users' shoulder and upper arm movements to promote improved functional reach and muscle control throughout the extremity.




    Even with only a small amount of upper arm movement present, a user can work on retraining reach


    Training games targeting shoulder and elbow movements automatically adjust in level of difficulty alongside progress, allowing for a personalized exercise experience.



    Shoulder exercises for stroke patients at home


    Perform key arm exercises similar to what your physical or occupational therapist would prescribe, but with the added benefit of integration with fun, captivating games.





    Provides goal-directed support and guidance for a personal home exercise program


    The Neofect Home Program promotes repetition and consistency, which are key to regaining mobility following a neurological event or diagnosis. The software's artifical intelligence algorithm creates comprehensive training sessions to best fit users' current needs.




    Regular Rehabilitation Exercise Game Updates

    Smart Board treatment programs and games are constantly updated, allowing for prolonged engagement and continued skill development.





    Comprehensive Evaluation and Results Reporting


    The Smart Board offers a data-driven evaluation program based on neuroscience principles. Free exploration, point-to-point reaching, and path drawing assessments quantify arm movements in the horizontal plane. The program prompts periodic re-evaluation, allowing users to gauge progress towards recovery.


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