Intravascular administration set(Accu Valve IV set)

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Accu Valve IV set
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12 Hanvit MD Co., Ltd.

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    Accu Valve IV set for external controller in single use gravity feed infusion set  

    The Accu Valve IV set is a disposable infusion set used to inject the drug in the infusion pack into the patient's blood vessel.

    Because the flow valve with the flow path derived from the hydrodynamic analysis is included, the flow accuracy is excellent, and all flow characteristics for the rotational position of the flow valve are experimentally retained.

    With just one correction, it is possible to dramatically improve the accuracy of flow rate. If you automatically adjust the opening/closing amount of the flow valve using Accu Drip, a dedicated device

    you can inject fluid with 97% or more accuracy.

    ① The control valve applied to the Accu valve IV set has a precisely designed flow path with the help of a fluid mechanics  

        expert at the Aerospace Research Institute for accurate flow control and is manufactured using special plastic (Patent KR10-

         1487754) It has  Excellent flow accuracy by  its  flow path derived from hydrodynamic analysis for laminar flow


    ② Another component of the Accu valve IV set, the drip chamber, has a specially designed spike structure for 

         accurate flow measurement (patent KR10-1973972)


    ③ Technology applied to the product: New health technology certification (Technical name: IV flow regulator calibration 

        technology using flow coefficient, validity period (July 2018 ~ June 2021)


    ④ Since all flow characteristics for the rotational position of the flow valve are possessed by an experimental formula, 

         it is possible to dramatically improve the accuracy with just one correction.

    -Components : drip chamber, roller clamp, flow regulator, Y-site, 3-way, needdle connector

    -Length : 220cm, 250cm, 280cm

    -Introduced needle material: Acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene

    -Drip chamber material: Styrene, butadiene copolymer

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    12 Hanvit MD Co., Ltd.

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      Dooyong Lee

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      Dunsanaitel 1457 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Under the philosophy of establishment "Create Value and Respect People", Hanvit MD has been leading the medical advancement in the medical equipment markets all over the world with the unique technology of IVIC(IV Infusion Controller), the medical device of new concept, on the basis of the spirit of challenge and courage for healthy people, sound society and advanced medical service.

      IVIC is the flow rate controller in intravenous fluid therapy. IVIS is Easy, Exact and not attached to infusion set. It directly enters the prescription details as they are without translation on doctor prescription. It enables a doctor to improve work efficiency by quality examination and a nurse can control the flow rate more easily. Furthermore, a nurse may be confident by quick interim check and accurate estimation on the duration of infusion. IVIC elevates the confidence patients on the medical staffs by safe and easy infusion treatment.

      Hanvit MD continues its effort to create new achievements with vibrant vision and enthusiasm with all its officers and employees as well as to realize economic values and implement social values through enterprise activities.

      It is our dream to do our best until Hanvit MD is widely recognized as a company which not only promotes healthy life and neighborhood-caring for community but also makes our society beautiful and our lives meaningful.

      We also promise to deliver our devoted care to all the people both in our nation and in the rest of the world.

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      • Intravascular administration set_Accu Valve IV set_

        Intravascular administration set(Accu Valve IV set)

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