The Consensus Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener, Fabric conditioner

long-lasting fragrance, Hypoallergenic, Premium niche scent, Reduce of plastic use

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South Korea
Brand name
The Consensus
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eco friendly, fabric softener, hypoallergenic, fabric conditioner
Detergent , Other Laundry Products
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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type
Verified Certificate



Product name The Consensus Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener, Fabric conditioner Certification -
Category Detergent
Other Laundry Products
Material -
Keyword eco friendly , fabric softener , hypoallergenic , fabric conditioner Unit Size -
Brand name The Consensus Unit Weigh 1 kg
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type Available,ODM,OEM HS code 3809

Product Information

Adding time to scents!

With nature-derived signature fragrances.

We create unusual fragrances that completes ‘THE CONSENSUS’ based on the most inherent scents of nature in perfect harmony using supercritical fragrance molecule extraction technology and ‘JUNGLE ESSENCE’ using the skills of professional perfumers.

One bottle of the Consensus ultra concentrated Fabric Softener can be diluted to max of 10 times with water, saving 9 plastic bottle. using supercritical fragrance molecule extraction technology and "JUNGLE ESSENCE" using the skills of professional perfumers.

1.    Long-lasting fragrance

-      The premium fragrance developed by professional perfumers last long and  subtle even after drying laundry.

2.    Premium niche scent

- The scent blended with Sophy, Green, Citrus, Musky delivers fresh cotton floral fragrance as if laundry just got finished.

3.    Hypoallergenic

- It is safe for skin , certified “ Excellent” grade at German dermatest.

        * Non-detection of microplastic

* Zero of 261 harmful chemical ingredients

* Non-detection of fluorescent whitening agent

* Zero of CMIT/MIT

4.    Korea’s first 10X

- It ’s first 10x Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener ( based on the company’s own products), usable for 1 year with one bottle of 10x ultra concentrated fabric softener ( if 3tims washing per week)

5.    Reduce of plastic use

- By reusing dilution bottle with 10x Ultra concentrated conditioner , you can save plastic as many as 9 bottles and the bottle is made of 30% recycled plastic contributing to protecting the global environment.

B2B Trade

Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation Ocean Shipping
MOQ 288 Leadtime Negotiable
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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2006
Business type



Daeyeol, Yang
Rm.602, Shinyoung PLAZA, 181-2,Dongcheon-dong, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Detergent,Water Softeners
Year Established
Company introduction

HB Global Co., Ltd. launched the premium brand “Consensus” and the economical brand “Enbliss” respectively on the slogan "We'll make better for next generation".

We have aimed at offering good products – Laundry detergent, Fabric softener, Dishwashing liquid, Washing machine cleaner, Multipurpose cleaner, Moisture absorber, etc. - for human body and environment in field of household chemicals, which was awarded with first-ranked in Customer Satisfaction Index, 2015.

Since the first export to China in Feb. 2016, we have exported our products to Vietnam, India, America, Russia, Mongolia, Cambodia, etc. and expect to expand our export all over the world. Specially, with our own factory, we can provide OEM/ODM service or meet any kinds of buyers’ requirements.

Main Markets

China China

Japan Japan

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Malaysia Malaysia

Mongolia Mongolia

Viet Nam Viet Nam

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