Battery - A smartphone app to recharge your health and pick the right supplements

Battery - A smartphone app to recharge your health and pick the right supplements

Battery is a smartphone app that enables users to search and pick the right health supplements individually.

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South Korea South Korea / 2021
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Product Information

Battery is a smartphone app that enables users to search and pick the right health supplements individually. Battery App allows users to search for a health supplement by text, product image, and barcode. Battery App shows if the supplements' total amount of each nutrient (vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients) is adequate, lower, or higher than the required level based on sex and age. If lower, Battery App recommends an additional product using an AI algorithm. Battery App builds and supports an interactive user community where healthcare professionals also can answer and comment.

With so many different brands and varieties of health supplements, it is challenging to choose the right one. Battery App is the answer to that problem. Battery App provides AI-tuned search capability using images and barcodes. This feature is handy when users shop online or offline for health supplements. Battery App displays the amount of each nutrient in a supplement using a curated label database and automatically calculates the total when taking two or more. If the amount of the nutrients falls outside the lower or upper limit set by the professional society adjusted for age and sex, Battery App recommends an additional product or alarms users, respectively. Battery App also functions as an excellent supplement log tracker, allowing users to monitor their supplement-taking behaviors. Based on the reports generated by Battery App, users can easily customize their nutrient targets. Battery App standardizes user reviews to remove hoaxes or false information. Battery App makes space available for healthcare professionals, encouraging them to provide scientific evidence-based content or to comment on user reviews. Battery App is an indispensable tool to help users achieve self-directed wellness at its highest level.

As the battery is a tool to reload energy and power to a device, Battery App intends to recharge health by guiding users to search and pick the right supplement. Battery App's green-colored icon emphasizes its balanced state. The green color also means being full, refreshed, and restored, which users want to accomplish through Battery App. We adopted an intuitive, user-friendly, and beautiful interface on every screen of Battery App. This coordinated match between function and design makes the search more accessible and interactive to get all the information for a supplement with only a single click of a button, all in one place. Users don't have to waste precious time going through product review sites and medical journals or asking strangers on the internet to see if they pick the right supplement. We equipped Battery App with a curated database containing accurate, structured, and normalized information about ingredient amounts, claims, serving sizes, and more. Battery App also employs a feature-comparing function for the price, such as cost per unit amount, which helps users pick a supplement with a lower price-to-amount ratio.

First, users can scan any health supplement product's image or barcode to find its information accurately. Because so many health supplements share similar product names such as 'multivitamins,' simple text search does not guarantee users to find the product information on the first attempt as they expect. Battery App also allows users to search health supplements by product, brand, ingredient, type, or nutrient category. Furthermore, smart text search in Battery App lists the products in the order of likelihood, reflecting the user's profile and search behaviors. Second, Battery App recommends a product using a fine-tuned AI algorithm that incorporates health surveys, dietary reference intakes, nutrient targets, and user preferences. The app's recommendation feature will help users choose the right supplements easily and compare them with others. Finally, Battery App allows users to customize pill-taking schedules and set reminders, which undoubtedly increases user compliance and improves health!

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South Korea South Korea / 2021
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Lee Hyeong Ki
248, Dongsomun-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Other Health Care Products,Other Personal Care
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