Contexta One Platform: Graph Storage Licensing for Hosting Providers

Contexta One Platform: Graph Storage Licensing for Hosting Providers

Contexta Graph Drive Hosting allows Telcos, Mobile Carriers, and ISPs to offer managed Contexta hosting services

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graph drive, cloud drive, hypergraph database, hyper graph hashtag data os
Electronic Data Systems , Telecommunication Services , Computer Software , Computer & Information Technology Service
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Innocratic Technologies Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type
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Product name Contexta One Platform: Graph Storage Licensing for Hosting Providers Certification -
Category Electronic Data Systems
Telecommunication Services
Computer Software
Computer & Information Technology Service
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Product Information

Contexta One Platform is an open, cloud-based, comprehensive online data platform, or "Universal Data OS" that's based on revolutionary Universal HyperGraph technology to model after the human brain: To store, organize, understand, find/search, and share all kinds of digital data - centered around user. No clutter and no tedious work - to organize/store/search files and data - is only the beginning.

    *    *    *

It's an open, federated (inter-operable) online services platform where hosting providers and OEM products can all participate in a decentralized community of communication, sharing, social/content distribution, and digital market place. It's also the new mode of pro-privacy, independent social platform where users can take charge in terms of physical ownership and content channel. What's more, Contexta One Platform is the new paradigm that finally replaces clunky old concept of "folder/file system", which combines (previously) offline storage and (website-centric) Internet into the new reincarnation of the web, as we call it "the Unified Web". No block chain or web3 necessary.

    *    *    *

At its heart, Contexta One Platform is powered by our patented, Universal HyperGraph Database that replaces traditional folder hierarcht, and brings the power of human brain-like intelligence to data storage, and online platform in general. Our Contexta HyperGraph Database is also available as a standalone database.

    *    *    *

At launch, we're offering our Contexta One Platform via mobile apps on Android in 2023. Additional versions on iOS, Windows, and Web Version are to follow later in '23 and '24. Initially, we're bringing our service as an alternative Cloud Drive that uses semantic hashtags - along with powerful search, sharing and social features.

    *    *    *    *    *    *

*Contexta One Platform is an open online services platform; we provide our basic services and servers as well as client applications/mobile apps that work with not only our server, but the eitire platform.

    *    *    *

*As a Contexta Hosting Partner, you'll be able to host and offer Contexta Platform Hosting Services of your own.

    *    *    *

*As Contexta Hosting Provider, you must be one of the following type businesses:

- Telco, Mobile Carrier

- ISP, Cloud Service Provider

- Independent Organization to host Contexta Platform for self use

    *    *    *

*Unlike traditional Cloud Drive services (and other online/social services),

Contexta Cloud Platform is:

    *    *    *

[from business perspective]

- open and can be hosted by 3RD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS

- decentralized and individual users can choose to INDEPENDENTLY OWN/OPERATE one's own (for security/privacy/ownership)

- portable/migration-capable, meaning users can freely transfer their data repository across different service providers, devices (as one would transfer his/her phone number from one carrier to another)

- a federated service platform where multiple servers, hosting providers all interoperate (i.e., like email systems)

- NOT ONLY A CLOUD DRIVE but a comprehensive data storage, management, search, sharing (+content distribution), and insight/analysis platform with built-in social features.

- also architected as decentralized user/creator content platform, where, unlike YouTube users/creators can physically or virtually fully own and operate one's channels independently - through not just video but a variety of media types

- a killer 5G service, and has been designed to take advantage of 5G broadband infrastructure while also benefiting the carriers.

    *    *    *


- does not use folders to organize/manage files, INSTEAD CAN USE HASHTAGS and more advanced Contexta Tags

- search and organization is done NOT BY TEXT (file/folder name) BUT BY MEANING, CONTEXT, and RELEVANCE

- not limited to "files" and UNIVERSAL - non-file data formats (such as streaming, in-app data, chat messages) are also managed comprehensively

- holistic and anti-silo; no more disconnect between different apps, devices

- users don't have to worry about duplicates, attachments, messy downloads, or even version changes of documents.

- designed for extreme data sharing; users can send/share up to 2GB in a single click... with all the tags attached - unlike limited email attachements or tedious, traditional Cloud Drive download links.

- all of these is made possible by our internationally-patented, Universal HyperGraph Object Database and Data OS technologies; which has revoutionary features and semantic capabilities that's impossible with any other exsting database or A.I. technologies.

- With HyperGraph technologies, previously impossible analysis and insights are possible - such as indefinite search across multiple data dimensions like COVID contact tracing.

    *    *    *    *    *    *

Requirements: Any carrier, ISP, Cloud services provider with IAAS or physical/virtual hosting services

B2B Trade

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Innocratic Technologies Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type



Crystal BD 2F,119 Nankok-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Computer Hardware & Software
Year Established
Company introduction

At iNNOCRATIC TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., we've been silently at work for two decades - to build the ultimate, "Rational" AI; and have developed exclusive technologies - along with the business models to bring true revolution over the old, outdated data paradigm while also pioneering the way for the ultimate AI.


We introduce the "Universal Graph Objects Platform" where all data items are connected universally by relevance, context, & ideas; organized, understood by their meanings. Just like the human brain. We believe all digital data must become as organic, semantic, universal/multi-faceted, intelligently accessible as human thoughts. This transcends the mere 'cognitive' AI's of late... such as GenAI and LLMs like ChatGPT. We bring the AI to the next level.


Our patented "Data Neural Network" HyperGraph Technologies embody human brain-like organization, search, storage, analysis, and understanding of *all* digital data - universally and by meaning, relevance, & context. Enabling the future AI to operate in human-centric, intuitive ways. Designed for privacy and security in decentralized architecture. As with human memories, you can retrieve all relevant data connected to a given topic; understand and analyze them; draw insights, calculations, and decisions... with true intelligence. In contrast, ChatGPT simply, is not designed, nor capable of understanding/managing any such contextual relationships across diverse data objects of today's computing.


What's more, they're available and applicable right now - designed to solve today's productivity problems by addressing clunky, tedious, tech-centric user experience in dealing with data. No more silos and dissociated data across apps, folders, attachments. Not to mention - no more confusion nor tedious organization chores that degrade human productivity. We are showcasing and offering our technologies and solutions to our cutomers and partners for use, license, or integration at MWC '24.

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