Alkaline Water Ionizer Hot Selling 5/7/9 plates Made in Korea Water Electrolysis Machine

High Technology Korea Alkaline Ionized Water Machine Water Electrolysis Machine

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Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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Product name Alkaline Water Ionizer Hot Selling 5/7/9 plates Made in Korea Water Electrolysis Machine Certification -
Category Water Treatment Appliances Material -
Keyword hydrogen water , orp , ppb , water treatment machinery Unit Size 340.0 * 340.0 * 147.0 mm
Brand name - Unit Weigh 7 kg
origin South Korea Stock 100
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Product Information

Alkaline Water Ionizer

for Premium ION Water

Model: IW3000/4000/5000


- 9Platinum Titanium Plates providing 240 Programmable pH and ORP Levels

- Produces Water in an incredible pH Range 2.5~11.0

- Premium Dual Filtration System to provide Great Tasting Water

- 250 Watts of Cutting Edge SMPS Power





Main Features

Application of 250W SMPS Method (Switching Mode Power Supply)

The previous transformer method lacks power stability posing difficulty in pH realization,

However, IW series has applied SMPS method, allowing it to improve the stability of power

and to allow an accurate pH realization.

In addition, even if it is the same SMPS method, unlike the other competing products that use

approximately 150W, the usage of 250W power enables the generation of high purity alkali

water and the sustainability of the alkali water after the generation excels.

Adjustment of current to 240 stages according to the water quality of raw water

Despite the fact that the pH of raw water differs according to the environment of each region,

there are cases whereby the pH that suits the respective raw water cannot be generated,

but IW Series allows the current to be adjusted to 240 stages, generating stable alkali water.

The performance and effect of the technology is outstanding overseas regions in particular

where the degree of TDS in raw water is high.

Usage of a maximum 9 layers of high purity white gold coated electrode plates

Majority of domestic water ionizers mainly use 3~5 layers of electrode plates so once the water

ionizer is used for about 1~2years, there are cases whereby the electrolysis performance declines

and the sustainability of alkali water after generation declines.

IW Series uses a bigger size electrolyzer when compared to the electrode plates of other competing

products and it has been designed to expand the performance of the electrode plates and

to extend the lifespan with high purity alkali water and white gold coating, and variable application

up to 9 layers in maximum can be applicable.

5 inches Large color LCD

By using a 5” large color LCD which cannot be found in other competing products, consumers are

able to distinguish the stage of alkali water that is being discharged at one glance.

Current pH and ORP indication / Water flow indication / Cleansing status indication / Primary,

Secondary filter lifespan indication / Ion water generation process indication / Error indication /

Sound level feature / Language and voice guide selection

Touch-Sensor method

Valve method caused inconvenience to the consumer when using however, IW Series has been
applied with Touch-Sensor method making it user friendly.

In addition, touching buttons and error occurrences and all status within the water ionizer is

informed with a voice, making it user friendly for elderly and children.

Hygienic auto-cleansing and auto discharge system preventing pollution of germs.

If water within the electrolyzer is stagnant after generation of alkali water, germs will propagate and

scales will cause no matter how well it is cleaned.

IW Series does not only automatically clean the electrolyzer after generation of alkali water but also

has been designed to automatically discharge the remaining water, resolving hygienic issues

as well as expanding the lifespan of electrolyzer.

Application of High functional Two-filter Method

Instead One-Filter method with the lower purification capability, Two-Filter method has been

enhance the purification capability for reliable drinking water.





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Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Jun 04, 2024
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Best Green Life Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of home appliances and healthcare & fitnesse items and beauty devices in Korea. Since we were established in 1997, we have been supplying nothing but qualified, innovative products to our clients in around 30 countries.

All of our staff have established a plenty of experience in their fields to show our partners the best performance in the interest of theirs.

During our early years, we were the pioneer of the cold-pressed slow juicers to introduce to Western countries and now exporting to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on.

Our mission is to make people enjoy Mother Nature's benefits to mankinds so as to help them living not only longer, but healthier.

Our products have been developed under this mission and will be applied with advanced technologies step by step so that more people can get Mother Nature's benefits with them more and easier.

We will never forget why we started Best Green Life and our belief in the healing power of Mother Nature.

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