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Interact with your pets, massage and groom them all at once. A warm touch, just like that feeling

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Mondomio Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type
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Product name Pet(Dog, Cat)Brush, Glove/ Grooming / Massage/ The Comma_Gray Certification -
Category Pet Products Material TPE
Keyword dog brush , pet brush , pet grooming , cat brush Unit Size 140.0 * 100.0 * 48.0 mm
Brand name MONDOMIOPET Unit Weigh 35 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type Available,OEM HS code 9603900000

Product Information

The Comma Grooming  Massage Glove for Pets


“Are you giving up because your pet doesn’t like brushing?”


Don't give up on brushing anymore. The Comma makes it possible.

1. A warm touch, just like that feeling...

2. Palm and thumb, 252 protrusions: wide and delicate!

3. Why did ‘The Comma; choose TPE over silicone?"

4. Hands that are free to move

5. Fits perfectly in my hand!





Don't give up on brushing anymore. THE COMMA makes it possible.




DNA Paris Design Awards ‘WINNER’

Our dogs and cats want your warm touch more than the brushing. THE COMMA glove exposes the fingers so your companion animals can feel your warm touch and be more relaxed.

THE COMMA brush exposes fingers and the back of the hand so your companion animals can feel the warm human touch and be more relaxed.


Didn’t you always want to clean the fur and eye crusts on your pet friends’ faces? But wasn’t it hard to brush their tiny faces? Don’t worry. You can smoothly rub them with THE COMMA Grooming & Massage Glove. The 166 bumps covering the whole palm, and 86 bumps on the thumb - a total of 252 bumps let you massage and groom from the wide to narrow areas.


The skin of our pet friends is thinner and weaker than human’s, so we need to be extra careful when brushing. In particular, the thin and long fur needs extra care. Metal bristles with sharp tips can scratch and wound the skin, and the static electricity of silicone bristles may pull on fur excessively and make your pet uncomfortable with friction.
That’s why THE COMMA made the brush with 100% TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) to avoid scratching the skin or pulling on the fur, allowing pain-free and refreshing grooming for companion animals.
TPE is an eco-friendly material with excellent resilience, shock absorption, and low moisture absorption, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.
THE COMMA test result, RoHS 10 substances not found

It is tested for hazardous substances by KOTITI, a trusted state-certified organization. The 10 RoHS substances of cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE, DEHP, BBP, DBP, and DIBP were not detected. You can use it worry-free.

With THE COMMA, you can freely grasp and open your hand with the palm-muscle-shaped pattern and the opening at the thumb. So you can freely and gently groom & massage along the curves of your pet friend!
It’s especially useful when you wash and massage the nooks and crannies of their bodies!

Weren’t you always uncomfortable because of the loose fit of the existing massage gloves? You can adjust the strap on the back of the hand and thumb of THE COMMA brush, which provides great satisfaction in the fit and use.
Experience the brush that perfectly fits your hand with THE COMMA!
Don’t worry whether it may be too big or small! You can freely adjust the size so it perfectly fits both men and women.
The side where the hand touches features a slip-free pattern, which reduces slipping from sweat and fatigue.

When bathing, the soft bumps (252 ea) of the brush work deep into the fur and remove sebum and dead skin cells, effectively washing off soap residue.
Rinsing soap, drying, and brushing is a breeze! Caring for your dogs’ and cats’ fur is now easier.
DNA Paris Design Awards ‘WINNER’
SEOUL International Invention Fair ‘Silver Award’
THE COMMA was recognized for its design skill and technological excellence, having won numerous national and international awards and holding intellectual property rights (patent, design registration, trademark registration, etc.).
The Comma is a proven success, backed by Wadiz funding! Search for The Comma funding reviews and Instagram #Mondomiopet #TheComma to read real reviews from actual users.

Use · Care
THE COMMA was originally planned to be a two-handed glove, but many users shared their opinions that only one side was enough, so it was made for the right hand in the final design. However, since THE COMMA has an adjustable hand and thumb, some testers used it on their left hand during the product trial. If you are left-handed or want to use it with both hands, please refer to the photo below.
THE COMMA is designed for the right hand. We wore two of the right-hand design on both hands.
Brush down with both hands, quickly and widely!

Long-haired/double-coated/curly-coated furry friend

For long-haired cats and double-coated or curly-coated dogs, the effect of combing might be less with The Comma brush. In the case of such breeds, the bristles should be thin and long requiring the bristles to have high hardness. In contrast, The Comma brush is developed with a focus on a communicative brush design that allows massage and grooming with the warmth of the guardian's touch. The hardness, thickness, and length of the brush material have been determined for free movement of the hands. Therefore, for long-haired, double-coated, and curly-coated furry friends, we recommend using a comb (straight), pin brush, slicker brush, etc., in combination to The Comma in order to provide a pleasant and effective brushing and massage experience.

Removing· Cleaning Fur After Use
- When removing the fur, it’s easier if you collect a certain amount before removing.
- Wash it under running water for easy removal.
- Spray mist products (or water) on the brush or on your pet friend’s body for less fur flying around.
- THE COMMA is made of 100% eco-friendly and high-functional TPE. Due to the nature of the material, disinfecting with hot water may cause deformation and odor. So rather than using hot water (within 30 seconds is OK!), please wash it with liquid soap, drain, and dry at room temperature for use.
- It’s a glove-type brush for pet grooming & massage. Do not use for any other purpose.
- Do not use near flames or heat.
- Keep out of reach of infants and small children.


The World Renowned ‘MONDOMIOPET’
TAIWAN Innotech Expo ‘Platinum Award’ (Korea's first Award)
SEOUL International Invention Fair ‘Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award’
GERMANY, IF Design Award ‘WINNER’ (The World's Top 3 Design Awards)
USA, IDEA Design Award ‘FINALIST’ (The World's Top 3 Design Awards)
USA, DNA Paris Design Awards ‘WINNER’
KOREA, Good Design Selection ‘Excellent Design’
KOREA, Global Premium Living Goods ‘SELECTED’
MONDOMIOPET was recognized for its design skill and technological excellence, having won numerous national and international awards and holding intellectual property rights (patent, utility model, design registration, trademark registration, etc.).

From Design to Production, Retail to After-Service [MONDOMIOPET]
led by a Domus Academy and I.E.D. alumna and developed by professional researchers. [MONDOMIOPET] is the best brand you can offer to your lovely companions.

High-end Product Made and Managed by Experts
All products of MONDOMIOPET are either MONDOMIO or OEM products, meeting its high standards of product management. Retail and AS are managed directly by MONDOMIO.
Designed by MONDOMIO

Made in KOREA




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Mondomio Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type



11, Chilseong-ro 17-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Pet Products
Year Established
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Company introduction

Founded in 2005, Mondomio is an industrial design expert certified as an excellent design venture startup with an affiliated research institute.

‘Adding design and technology to safe materials'

Dedicated to the study of sustainable design based on traditional Korean culture technology.


2022 DNA PARIS Design Award Main Prize

2021 US IDEA Design Award Main Prize

2020 Germany IF Design Award Main Prize

2021 Gold, Silver, Bronze Award (Seoul International Invention Exhibition)

2019 Grand Award (Taiwan International Invention Competition)

Main Markets

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Japan Japan


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