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Daejeon 2023

K-Product Online Show

Daejeon is a central city in the central region and has achieved remarkable development in all
fields, including administration, culture, and economy. The current Daejeon wants to move
forward as a global industrial and economic cooperation
city centered on industry and business attraction. tradeKorea supports Daejeon exporting
companies to strengthen their export competitiveness by building an online exhibition hall for
excellent products in Daejeon. Check out the export products of various small and medium-
sized enterprises in Daejeon and send us an inquiry!


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MIHO Biztech CO.,Ltd

Miho Biztech Co., Ltd. is part of a solution by focusing on the discomfort, fear, and economic burden of having to wear silicone implants or something thick in a bra at the end due to the stress of breast dwarfism, one of the concerns of women around the world who dream of beauty . All women have applied for a patent for a double silicone safety net designed to significantly reduce skin troubles and nipple swelling, which are the shortcomings of existing products by fusion of the VACUUM PRESSURE function already verified by the US FDA and the TENS low frequency function.It is a company that is actively promoting export and domestic distribution by manufacturing a multifunctional chest massager so that you can maintain a healthy and beautiful breast without the burden of comfort, safety, and economy in this home.


Founded in South Korea in 2016, GKS jayoung LC is favoured by the Royal Family thanks to its mainingredient, wild flower called Lychnis cognata . Based on Lychnis cognata , our natural products provideour customers with mild sensation to the skin; furthermore, they are suitable for the sensitive skin as well.GKS jayoung LC has been highly recognized by its nature inspired simple concept and its high quality ofproducts. so, We are working on projects with global companies.As a global company, especially to increase the value of our brand and to sublimate Korea's beautifulnature into the design, We are making efforts to make world class products based on the constantresearch and testing with several doctors of KIST.GKS jayoung LC launched a new cosmetics field in 2016 with the intention of “Making beautiful womenmore beautiful” and Korea's technology and quality have been recognized in the world to release gentleand soft products without skin irritation based on anti agingWomen around the world prefer to be more natural skin beauty than various color cosmetics. A womanwith transparent skin and crystal clean skin is truly a beautiful woman. We will grow into a responsiblecosmetic brand that will satisfy all women's desires for beauty.GKS jayoung promises to make the best products in the world.


Eugene Biotech Co.. Ltd researchand develop new materials such as Wheat germ extract, Dunaliella and so on.We have ourproduct line for cosmetics (Mask pack, Cleansing Foam, Tone-up cream, andampule) and also health functional food(Vitamin and Diet).We alwaysvalue our vendors and strive to provide the best merchandise along with thegood price and quality.Please take a moment toreview our catalog in the attachment.Visit our website we offer Korean language, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

C&C Cosmetic

We are a company that distributes to Korean dermatology.Only safe and certified skin care products are researched and developed. Cloniqs Hydra Soothing Cream is a hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and soothing cream that protects your skin from the external irritants with the help of soothing white rice flower extract. The formula with a soft texture is also designed to offer thorough care for your skin with its multi-lamellar formula, similar to the human skin barrier. This cream is available at over 200 dermatology clinics throughout Korea and is particularly effective in calming sensitive skin after laser treatment. Dual-function cream that brightens skin and improves the appearance of wrinklesDermatologist-tested safe for sensitive skin Contains 2,000ppm ceramide and hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturizing effectMulti-lamellar structure similar to human skin barrier for superior comfort and optimal compatibility with the skinUnique gel-network system locks in moisture for instant hydration and retentionFormulated with white rice flower extract, chanterelle mushroom extract, bioflavonoids, bisabolol and anti-inflammatory panthenol to calm and soothe skinContains Arginine to promote healthier, smoother skin


cellhappyco is a company that realizes honesty and innovation based on the corporate philosophy of making cosmetics that make cells happy.Based on the CEO's experience in manufacturing cosmetics (more than 10 years), we will be a company that develops by thinking of what customers need first, and continuously increases the value of our products.We will grow with our customers by insisting on the best raw materials and safe cosmetics so that customers can be satisfied and happy.


BambooBebe is the premier bamboo baby brand in South Korea.All of our products are 100% manufactured in Korea, and we are the first and only brand to annually renew our Oeko-tex class 1 certification in the baby industry in Korea.We use only the finest textiles and weaving techniques to create soft, durable, and absorbent products that make parenting easier.As a result, our brand is a favorite among Korean families and a top-selling brand on many Korean online marketplaces and at baby fairs.Our gauze handkerchiefs have even revolutionized the Korean market, becoming a must-have item for all Korean mothers.With a touch as soft as silk, our products are gentle on your little one's delicate skin—you have to feel it to believe it.

1981 Co.,Ltd.

Brand FRATIQ is a scent for those who are building a healthy body and inner self, aiming to complete a healthy physical.It is easy to carry around and aims for a scent that can be matched casually as a daily item.It is also clear, transparent, and sometimes rich in pursuit of a scent that can give you the most ideal aura.As for FRATIQ, a premium nichi perfume brand, through collaboration between health and beauty, we developed the fragrance by focusing on the need for a fragrance that doesn’t mix with other scents during outdoor activities and intense physical activities, and emphasized portability so that you can feel your own original fragrance anytime, anywhere.FRATIQ 's bottle, which stands out from the stainless steel material, is the main ingredient of perfume It is designed so that the contents such as spices and alcohol can be stored most perfectly. Outdoor activities by taking advantage of the portability and lightness of the bottle and its strength against external shocks It's easy to manufacture, so you can feel the unique scent of FRATIQ anytime, anywhereFRATIQ's signature key ring case accessories are FRATIQ 's own products It's designed to give you a sense of sporty design and the philosophy of FRATIQ.Make the perfume come into your bag, not on the dressing table, anytime, anywhere You can express your own personality and scent.

KL Commerce Co., Ltd.

KL Commerce Co., Ltd. specializes in drug marketing and overseas exportWe started setting up sales channels based on online distribution networks of various channels through agreements with domestic online sales and marketing companies by marketing specialized medicines and general medicines to hospitals and pharmacies and manufacturing health functional foods and other processed productsAlso, we are conducting extensive marketing on social media, blogs, portal sites, etc., and are discussing sales online, offline channels, and strategies in consideration of the situation and characteristics of overseas markets according to the needs of product planning and development needs


SEIGA lnc. presents the myterious technology of the East containing Western scientific thinking.By analyzing fast and immediate oriental medicine te chnologies such as special effects of oriental medicine and emergency blood.we create convergence technology that can be used easily and safely by ordinary people without expertise.

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CELL FOR ONE stays with nature and makes product by using natural ingredients.Instead of focusing merely on the sales of our product, we prioritiseon making and maintaining our products with high quality that will be valued by the customers for a long time.[Corporate Story]◾ Natural toothpaste manufacturing enterprise◾ 2005 : Start up a natural toothpaste manufacturing company◾ Organic toothpaste manufacturing enterprise ◾ Exporting countries : Vietnam, China, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia◾ Retained products : Pregnant women's toothpaste (4Types), children's toothpaste(2Types), Functional toothpaste(6Types), Baby toothpaste(3Types), Toothpaste for the elderly(3Types)◾ Certificate of product-specific approved exporter (ASEAN,China, Vietnam, EU, India, United kingdom)◾ Promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export(2018~2022) ◾ Certificate of Technical Achievement[Company Organizatio]CELL FOR ONE and K. Boeun Pharmaceutical are family companies.◾ CELL FOR ONE : RD and overseas sales company◾ K. Boeun Pharmaceutical : Manufacturing company◾ Date of Establishment : 2005◾ Daily production : 100,000EA◾ Handling product : Toothpaste / Quasi-drug◾ ISO 22716 Certificate of GMP Certificates- CELL FOR ONE / CEO / Mr. JUNG WON TAE


CAPSTONE CO.,LTD. is the subsidiary company of SUNTOUCH CO.,LTD. which is established in 1986 and the leading company in the outdoor cooking appliance industry.Our main products are outdoor cooking appliances, kitchen wares and housewares such as portable gas stoves, torches, grill pans, Non-stick frying pans, Ceramic-coated pots, pillows, splash guards, organizers, and moisture absorbers.Headquartered in Korea, CAPSTONE is passionate about developing the cooking appliance and the kitchenware for the simple outdoor lifestyle.We have two factories in Korea and China. 140 employees in Korea and 200 employees in China work tirelessly to provide quality products.Our mutual communication system increases efficiency between our Korean factory and Chinese factory.With decades of outdoor cooking appliance expertise, we know what campers are looking for in our product. We enable consumers to cook easier without carrying burden when they go on a camping trip. With our portable gas stove and BBQ grill pan, customers can spend less time on preparing, cooking and cleaning. Our products will allow you to enjoy cooking outdoors.Since 2008, we have intensely expanded our facility and started producing grill pans, frying pans, ceramic-coated pots, pillows and organizers.We have a number of patents, domestic and international certificates for portable gas stoves and gas torches such as ISO 9001:2009, CE certificate for Europe, CSA and ETL certificate for USA and Canada. We also have LFGB, SGS and KCL tests for kitchen ware and housewares.With great quality and competitive price, we export our products to Europe, US, Asia, Middle-East and all around the world. We will do our best to meet the customer's needs fulfill social responsibilities, develop and grow to be the reliable and innovative company.As the leader of the industry, CAPSTONE strives to be the top of our business.We sincerely hope to be your long-term business partner.

embodytech CO., LTD

How are you?MBODYTECH Co., LtdIt was launched in 2015 as a company specializing in ferrolin coating and semiconductor equipment.The Fe.rrarine Coating Business Department manufactures, installs, and provides coating equipment,The semiconductor division is a semiconductor, Solar Cell. Essential for electronics industries such as OLED, organic and inorganic depositionOur business area is design, manufacture, and service for vacuum equipment parts and systems.Above all, M-Bodytech acquired new technology certification using ferrolin coating equipment in December 2021It has been recognized for its unique technology.At the same time, M-Bodytech's challenge to new technologies and new concept equipment is always ongoing.Coffee by developing a new AI fully automatic roasting machine based on existing equipment design technologyIt is attracting attention as a new generation of roasting industry.In the future, Embartitech will proactively identify customer needs and incorporate digital convergence technologySo we're going to value challenge and trust with our customers.Thank you.

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Sunsco Co., Ltd.

Sunsco Company provides Customers with All the Products They need for Solar Power.It was established in May 2021 to solve the Prevention and Diagnosis of Solar Power Generation Business through specialized Solar Installation and Maintenance Technology.To provide all the Products you need, Sunsco Company will provide you with the Best Service by running on its own Feet.Sunsco Company wants to Contribute to expanding the Scope of specialized Total Solutions in the Solar Power Business Market.Sunsco Company will work hard Today to Develop Korea’s Eco-Friendly Environment.


\WISECONN provides IoT-based smart device development and integration platform. In pursuit of the value of core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, both people and ideas, and technolo-gy and people are connected through development such as Internet of Things(IoT) and artificial intelligence. By connecting, we aim to provide a system that can improve human respect and quality of life.


Cleanbio Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Since the establishment of the company, I have been focusing on researching eco-friendly materials and developing environment-related products. It operates a research institute affiliated with a company with excellent manpower, and is also making great efforts to research natural materials and develop air purification sterilizers to improve the air and medical environment. As a result, we have secured many intellectual property rights and certification at home and abroad through environmental antibacterial materials and innovative air purification and sterilization technology.With the mindset that only innovative companies can survive, Cleanbio Co., Ltd. always listens to customers and researches and develops new products that meet their needs.In the future, we will research and develop various products based on the original technology currently secured and make excellent products that can contribute to the development of mankind.

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TWS Introduction I'm honored to be able to make this presentation I'm Park Ki-bum, CEO of Taegeuk World Sports. Taegeuk World Sports is a company that manufactures and sells both-handed badminton rackets called Taegeuk-minton. Usually popular racquet sports are done with one hand. For example, tennis, table tennis, badminton and so on, But what if it's more fun to do with your hands and it helps your body and brain? Taegeuk-minton is a sport that allows you to use both hands on behalf of racket sports using existing fast ball. Basically, Taegeuk-minton is a sport that beginners can easily learn and enjoy because the ball is not fast. Moreover, it is possible in a narrow place, so it is a sport that can be enjoyed with anyone, anytime and anywhere with a racket. Currently, it is entering ten countries: the United States, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Taiwan, Singapore, Mongol. Taegeuk World Sports Company wants to break away from the existing point of view and open a new field of racquet sports suitable for the age of sports science. I hope you will enjoy your life with Taegeuk-minton more and stay healthy Thank you.


Nano Anti-slip Sheepskin Golf Golves combine Nano coating technology and semicondutor coating technologyto prevent rain and release heat and sweat to prevent slippery in rain and sweat,which are the disadvantages of sheepskin gloves,to maintain a grip that does not slip under any circumstancesIt is nano golf sheepskin glove that is used by washing.


2005 Developed Power32007 Power3 patent registration2009 Power3 product launch2013 1st product upgrade2015 2nd product upgrade2020 3rd product upgrade2022 P4th product upgradeTwo unique units to effectively increaseSWING SPEED IMPACT POWERfor longer DISTANCE

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Anipick CO., LTD

Anipick Co., Ltd. is a bio-healthcare corporation established mainly by Korean veterinarians and dentists.It is a company specializing in human healthcare and pet bio healthcare, and currently deals with 1,500 dental hospitals in Korea, and has been producing pet immunity enhancers (Sparabetacan) since 2022 and supplying them to animal hospitals nationwide.In the future, it will continue to release products using nanotechnology and patented technologies such as joint nutritional supplements and oral care nutritional supplements for petsAnipick has dozens of intellectual property rights and will meet your needs with superior technology." If you do business with us, you will succeed.“

Pyxis Inc.

Pyxis Inc. is a company that manufactures functional foods using Korea-originated agricultural products. Pyxis Inc. was established in 2021 with the vision of “Let’s contribute to creating a society where both consumers and the people can be healthy.”. We are creating a sustainable future as an innovative company that focuses on eco-friendliness and health management. The company name 'Pyxis' is the English name for the constellation of the compass, it means a guide on the way to a healthy life and society. We will strive to create a better future with various eco-friendly functional products that can help your health.

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