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Got a New opportunity to expand "Bone conduction Handsfree" to Malaysia through "tradeKorea Online Meeting Fair 2020"!

Handsfree for helmet


This is a device that is connected to a smartphone and generally recognizes sound through vibrations in the ear's eardrum, which is a human auditory organ, but this technology can be easily detached from and attached to a helmet and can be used without restrictions on activities such as exercise, driving, etc., and can prevent symptoms of

Success Stories

We areDaeman Co., Ltd.,which manufactures bone conduction hands-free devices in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Our company was selected as an exhibitor for the 2020 Gyeonggi-do Online Pavilion project, and we presented our products during the tele-conference hosted by KITA on July 10.
We had online meetings with 3 buyers particularly the one from Malaysia,which showed great interest in our products.
The company supplies gifts to customers such as large enterprises and banks, which meant that they needed the products in advance to make a delivery on time. Thus, KITA helped us proceed with discussion about 3 weeks sooner than originally planned, and the buyer purchased 3 samples after checking the product catalogue and reaching an agreement on prices.
The meeting on July 10 also turned out to be highly satisfactory.
Unlike the meeting with other buyers, the Malaysian company asked detailed questions about the products as they already had the sample, and we spent about an hour discussing future market strategies as well as the purposes of the products.
They decided to purchase 8 more samples of other models for testing based on the discussion that day, and we are currently waiting for their response, which we are pretty sure will be positive.
We are currently discussing specific terms with buyers in Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia, and anyone in any other market is invited to make inquirieswith us! Feel free to contact us anytime!


Export contract to potential Vietnamese market through video consultation!


Cook in paper

Our products is a Paper Pot made of natural Pulp and can be used in cooking by Fire, Gas stove, Microwave oven and Induction when cooking with a little water.It is a products that can be used easily in Camping, Fishing and traveling as well as home.And no need of tiring dish washing , Light seight due to the use of weight.In addition, it is environmentally advantageous, because it's can be separated and recycled after used.

Success Stories

We are Cook-in-Paper, a company in Gyeonggi-do, South Koreamanufacturing and selling disposable paper pots for cooking on an induction range as well as a conventional gas-based cooktop. Our company has been selected as exhibitor for the 2020 Gyeonggi-do Online Pavilion project, making our way to the Vietnamese market through the tele-conference hosted by KITA on July 10.
While COVID-19 is preventing companies from meeting physically, the online meeting was an enough opportunity for building trust with potential buyers. A product brochure may have provided some information on our product, but beyond that, we could provide precise online demonstrations on how our products work for their better understanding. The buyer was positive after realizing the potential of the products in the Vietnamese market, asking for samples in each available size and type. It was followed by a trial order after exchanging feedback on the samples and discussing detailed strategies for the local market including customized packaging.
Everyone at Cook-in-Paper sincerely wishes that our products will be loved by many consumers for their convenience, quality, and eco-friendly features.
Any markets can be discussed for the export of our products. Inquiries from buyers around the world are welcome anytime!


NobaMedi's MESO INJECTOR got a special opportunity in the untact season through the tradeKorea Online Expo

Crystal MESO

NOBAmedi Co., LTD

NOBAMEDI KOREA's HYCOOX multi suction auto injector brings new world to the dermatologists.Majority of injectors are operated with foot switch or trigger. However HYCOOX is operating automatically by auto-sensing suction system. "No need to use foot switch or trigger, after skin is sucked, solution will be injected automatically." The device can be used for treatment as below; 1. Hydro Injection2. Scalp Treatment3. PRP Injection4. LIPO5. Filler 6. Toxin You can choose the mode on the touch screen display, and can adjusted how many shots you would like to inject within certain syringe size and solution amount. You also can control the level of suction, injection speed and Viscosity level. The way to use HYCOOX is easy and easy to learn how to use, so it's good for franchise business since the clients will be able to have same result from the doctor who uses HYCOOX. HYCOOX is compatible with NOBAMEDI KOREA's 5-pin multi needle (for non-suction) and 9-pin multi needle (for suction) 3 Differentiations to our competitors are as below; 1. NO LEAKAGE2. NO PAIN3. EASY TO LEARN AND USE (professional results)Certification Information-KFDA-CE-GMP-ISO13485

Success Stories

I am with NOBAMEDI CO., LTD., a companyin Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea specializing in R&D, design, manufacture, and sales of MesoInjectors.
Our company has been endeavoring to expand business globally by ensuring quality and acquiring certificates such as GMP, ISO 13485, and CE required for sales in other countries, and we are taking part in the 2020 Gyeonggi-do OnlineExhibition as part of the export support program of the Gyeonggi-do government.
This online Exhibition has been an immense help forus tomeet numerous buyers around the world in need of Meso Injectors; letmeintroduce a successful case with a Swedish partner, which has been one of the most proactive buyers.
The Swedish company was testing a sample purchased from another Korean manufacturer but did not reach an agreement on the detailed requests including price terms; that was when they found the online Exhibition of KITA where HYCOOX INJECTOR and CRYSTAL MESO from NOBAMEDI were introduced to them, so the first contact was made between the two parties.
The buyer checked the product catalogue and other information on tradeKorea and purchased samples worth approximately USD 4,000 within 3 days of finding NOBAMEDI. After the sample test, they gave a positive response to the products particularly theirperformance and price, which led to an exclusive USD 500,000 export agreement per year.
This shows how well the MESO INJECTOR of NOBAMEDI performs, along with its great quality and reasonable price. Feel free to contact NOBAMEDI as we sincerely welcome inquiries from buyers around the world!


GyeongGi Expo 2020

Success Stories