Osteopro (X-ray Bone densitometer, DEXA)

Osteopro (X-ray Bone densitometer, DEXA)

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bone densitometer, bone density measurement, medical equipment, x-ray bone densitometry,
Health & Medical , Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet , X-Ray Equipment , Measuring & Gauging Tools

B.M.Tech worldwide Co., Ltd.

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Category Health & Medical
Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet
X-Ray Equipment
Measuring & Gauging Tools
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Product Information

Osteopro (X-ray Bone densitometer, DEXA)
Use of ultrasonic wave harmless to human body


Osteopro (X-ray Bone densitometer), a pencil beam type of DEXA bone densitometer of BMTech Worldwide, is a product to find osteoporosis by directly irradiating and scanning spines, femoral regions and arms with X-ray in a pencil beam method using X-ray with two different energies, measuring bone densities of each part, and comparing and analyzing the collected data.

This is a product that shows outstanding output in scanning and diagnosis, guarantees high reproducibility with excellent accuracy and preciseness by exactly scanning and analyzing spines, femur and forearm regions, etc., and has compact design to be suitable for small and medium hospitals


Areas of Diagnosis

Spine, Dual Femur, Forearm

Scan Type

Pencil Beam


<1.0% CV


DICOM Supported

Measurement Time



2000(W)x810(D)x1220(H), 120kg

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Osteopro DEXA.pdf

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B.M.Tech worldwide Co., Ltd.

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Nov 25, 2022
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Han Seungmoo
10fl., Joongang Induspia 5th, #138-6 Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet,X-Ray Equipment,Measuring & Gauging Tools
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B.M.Tech. Worldwide Co., Ltd is the professional business with the production capabilities and management system well recognized by various quality assurance authorities worldwide.

As the ultrasonicbone densitometry, X-Ray bone densitoetry(DEXA)for osteoporosis, our OsteoProfirmlyhas the topposition accounting more than 90% in the domestic market, an ditistheul trasonic medical device,X-Ray bone densitometry(DEXA)with the world's best quality that is exported to 40 countries We will make our best efforts to be come the world wide well-know me cain the medical and bioindustry, in line with ourvisionand goal for the healthy and happy future for the human being.

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