Alkaline Water Purifier

Alkaline Water Purifier

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Water & People Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

Product  name : LOHAS Alkaline reduced water purifier
Model Number : WP-K3000
Product sizes : 340(W) X 155(D) X 460(H)
Product composition : Energy amplifying, Alkaline reduced water generating &
Purifying devices
Body Material : ABS / PP / PC / ST, etc
Water purification capacity : 3,800 Liter - 4,200 Liter
Filter replacement cycle : 6 months -  12 months

WP-K3000 converts tap water with strong oxidizing power into refreshing  reduced water  with strong reducing power increased in hexagonal water particulars and high body absorption rate
WP-K3000 is the first hydrogen conversion water purifier in the world to implement an energy amplifier to the 7-stage water purification system.

- The filter is structured with a purification filter with 2 functions and functional ceramic balls made from pure natural ore.
-  Pi  water filter has the structure of increasing mineral and generating hydrogen reducing water.

WP-K3000 that generates water good for your body

- Purified water that passed through the 1st and 2nd filters of WP-K3000 is always refreshing by the increased alkali (pH), richer hydrogen (H-), keeping the water always fresher.
- Antioxidant substances (bio-activating enzyme), from reducibility, provides reduced water with strengthened antioxidization capability, which removes or rereduces active oxygen into water and oxygen.

- Generating functioning water which removes active oxygen, the roots of all illness, and alkaline reduced water, which is rich in mineral, changes the body into weak alkaline and balances the acidity of your body hence is beneficial for your health.

What is the energy amplifying  device?
The combination reaction caused by the energy emitted from the pulse of N-pole and ceramic balls cause waves in the water by the effects of alternating magnetic field, amplifying the energy.

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Water & People Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Mr. Yoo Heejae
Lotte Castle President 101 - 1602 , Mapo-Daero 109, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Water Softeners,Water Treatment
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Company introduction

We are a manufacturer of Alkaline water purifiers and generators in Korea. And we are producing water purifiers and generators with ceramic balls for Alkaline water generating and water purification filters. For our product details, please refer to our web-site

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