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    1. VITZROTECH LA & SA (Lightning Arresters & Surge Absorbers) INTRODUCE


     1-1 LA (Lightning Arresters) 


      ● VITZRO TECH Polymer Type Lightning Arrester is the 18kV, 5kA product that is

          used at distribution line and general consumers. In order to prevent the explosions due  

          to humidity absorption deterioration, the major faults that are generated at the existing  

          porcelain-type lightning arrester, winding is done using FRP insulators. The interface  

          between the FRP insulator and high-molecular rubber housing is treated and both  

          ends of polymer-type lightning arrester are air-tightened using the cap. It is a product  

          made up of high-molecular materials so that the polymer-type lightning arrester does  

          not spatter when exploded. 


      ● LA for VITZRO TECH Power Distribution is developed into the most-wanted 18kV,  

          2.5kA using only our technology and passed KERI test to be adopted as the domestic  

          product. Also, this product is applied with the non-linear resistance of ZnO element. 


      ● It is designed and manufactured based on the accumulated experiences and actual
          test evaluation 

        - It is superior in preventing the moisture absorption since its air-tightening is excellent. 

        - It is light-weighted (2.4kg) when compared to the porcelain-type lightning arrester. 

        - It prevents secondary accidents (fragment scattering and etc.) when it explodes due to internal  

          temperature rise and expansion of arc resulting from the transient fault current. 

        - It is safe since the disconnector is a resistance-type. 

        - Creeping leakage distance is 645mm or more. 

        - It used an insulated rubber cover that does not allow the rain to penetrate to the upper terminal part. 

        - Applied Standard : IEC60099-4, IEEEStd C62-11 

    1-2 SA (Surge Absorbers) 


       ● It is a surge absorber (SA) that is applied with the advanced insulating material,

          POLYSIL, and it is fully air-tightened into a mold structure. There is no drop of 

          residual voltage due to outside burning and it performs a perfect surge protection  

          without changing the characteristic even at the polluted area.


      ● Features 

        - It adopted POLYSIL full-molding that can be used outdoors. 

        - Based on the optimal design for outdoors, it is light-weighted. 

        - It is recognized for its quality since it passed IEC Test for the first time in the country. 

        - It ensures the stability by applying incombustible materials when there is a fault inside the distribution


        - Applied Standard : IEC60099-4, IEEEStd C62-11 




    2-1 LA (Lightning Arresters) SPECIFICATIONS






    2-2 SA (Surge Absorbers) SPECIFICATIONS 








    3. REMARKS


    As one of the leader in electro-technical industry in Korea, We have been providing the best possible products, services, and solutions to the most of the industry such as nuclear and thermal power plant and substation facilities, and so on since its incorporation in 1955. 


    For the past 60 years, VITZROTECH was able to grow stably based on its firm foundation of modernized product facilities, improved Technical and quality standards, technical superiority balanced teamwork and professional service. 


    Leading the pleasant and aŠuent field of electric power equipment with state-of-the-art technol-ogy, VITZROTECH is creating new value as well as present new standards, while making a di‹er-ence for a better future, based on thorough knowledge and skills in the fields of heavy electric equipment, power electronics and aerospace. 


    It is our sincere hope that the statement and information presented herein may help you the better understanding of VITZROTECH, as a financially responsible enterprise whose past performance and technical experience clearly expresses the sole commitment to your Project implementation. 


    We assure you of our preparation and cooperation to the fullest extent and hope to have the honor and opportunity to serve as the Reliable partner. 



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    Mr.KIM J.W. / Manager of Plant Power System Business Unit

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    14 VITZROTECH Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Byung-Eon, Yoo

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      605-2, Seonggok-dong, Ansan Si Danwon-gu, GYEONGGI-DO, 425-833, KOREA

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      Active Components,Passive Components,Power Supplies

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      Business Type : Manufacture

      Established Year : 1968

      Employee Number : 312 (R&D Employee : 50)

      Annual Sales : USD 97 Million (2013) / Export Amount : USD 20 Million (2013)

      Certifications: ISO 9001:2000/KS A 14001:2004, ISO14001:2004/KS A 14001:2004, CESI, KEMA, UL 


      VITZROTECH has been one of the recognized leaders in the electro-technical industry in Korea since1968.

      We are renowned for our skill in manufacturing V.I VCB, ACB, MCCB, ATS, protection relay(IED) and GIS as well as SwitchGear by our own technologies.

      All our employees are professionally specialized in each part of research, design, simulation, testing, assembly, operation, service and quality control, and provide the appropriate consulting when necessary based on the extensive technical experience. We strongly believe in that success can only be achieved through the technical advancement and in doing so, we can never stop investing for the future through extensive research and development.


      We know we can survive through our customers' success, and therefore, we are trying to provide the best possible customer support and service.

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      • VITZROTECH Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • ATS- Automatic Transfer Switches- Mini ATS

        ATS, Automatic Transfer Switches, Mini ATS

      • LA- SA- Lightning Arresters- Surge Absorbers

        LA, SA, Lightning Arresters, Surge Absorbers

      • VC- VCS- Vacuum Contactor Switches- MV SWITCH

        VC, VCS, Vacuum Contactor Switches, MV SWITCH



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