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carbon therapy, alternative medical treatment, neurotherapy, women's disease
Other Beauty Equipment , Health Care Supplement , Rehabilitation Therapy products , Other Health Care Products
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kumgang advance co ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Carbon light (Visible light) Certification -
Category Other Beauty Equipment
Health Care Supplement
Rehabilitation Therapy products
Other Health Care Products
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Keyword carbon therapy , alternative medical treatment , neurotherapy , women's disease Unit Size 30.0 * 30.0 * 80.0 cm
Brand name carbon light Unit Weigh 25 kg
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Supply type - HS code 901820

Product Information

Visible light is new-way for 21C medical treatment!


Self healing power and Full spectrum visible ray


With the irradiation of carbon light, carbon and all kinds of elements mixed in the carbon rod are burnt and turn to be light "energy" with ray, then it penetrates deeply into the body, which leads to better blood circulation. As a result, it boosts metabolism, produces and activates vitamin in the body, increases the calcium in the blood, promotes the production of hormone and accelerates the cell proliferation. Therefore, it improves the self-healing power and immunity. Also, carbon light strengthens the cells thanks to cells regeneration and increase in Heat Shock Protein (HSP).

Light penetrates into our body and it can raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and germs, viruses or cells are killed by high temperature.


What's Visible light?

Visible light, deep part heating action raises the blood temperature on the irradiated area by 39°C~42°C by the action of red infrared spectrum. Therefore, HSP receiving attention is easily produced in the body. This function converts the abnormal protein causing disease to normal protein, consequently treats the disease.


Magic light! Miraculous light! From old times, Visible light has been called "Miraculous light" or "Magic light". All descriptions provided by our Visible light College mention and explicate the things supporting today's medical comments, but they contain lots of miraculous treatment achievements beyond description even with today's advanced medicine.

We think HSP which has been lately determined and published is also one of them. Even though medicine has advances, the explanation about human body and diseases is still nothing but a bit. Our Visible light is no more than one which made a faithfully mechanical application of the sunlight which created living things. We notice the greatness of nature and sun one more time. With the medical advancement, the relation between light and life will shine more clearly.


Action of light is divided into direction action and indirect action. The direct action includes heating action by infrared rays or visible rays of red collection, action affecting the visible ray photoreceptors, photochemical reaction by visible rays rather than UV rays or purple color, etc in the recognition action from irradiation part.


Biosynthesis of vitamin D by UV rays is the most known as action of vitamin D and specific light. Vitamin D was discovered to be antirachitic factor in early 20C, but this could explain the action of vitamin D as calcium metabolic controling hormone. And lately vitamin D was found to induce the cell differentiation through vitamin D receptors. It is a law of nature to supplement Vitamin D with sunbath and most of food except fish meat don't include vitamin D. Therefore, losing the life styling symbiotic with light results in the deficiency of vitamin D. Because the ability to produce vitamin D with aging declines, it causes the deficiency of vitamin D as easy to the old men.


The large majority of today's modern diseases are adult diseases and allergic disorders which takes very long progress in which therapeutic effect cannot be raised significantly or expected rather than acute diseases which therapeutic effect can be relatively raised.


Today's 3 causes of death are malignant tumor, heart disease and cerebrovascular disorder. Furthermore, the chronic diseases which do not directly lead to death but worry the patient, e.g. osteoporosis have increased significantly. The principal causes of this change in diseases are involved with the cultural advancement which is not given the chance to expose to the natural light.


These days, age of preventive medicine, for many of modern diseases, it is too late if any disease initiates. In this point, the thing which is required desperately is to determine the cause of transition in disease structure, and is also to establish the preventive solution. If the preventive surpass the treatment medical science and the preventive method is properly informed to people, this is the very medical treatment contributing to the true welfare. The things known as the basics of preventive medicine are diet, exercise, stress, alcohol, etc. Of course, we do not make little of these, but what we want to highlight in particular is that life for many years without receiving light causes the continued deficiency of calcium, as a result, which leads to various kinds of adult diseases. Dr. Garland team's study determined colon carcinoma and breast cancer were motivated by the deficiency of light, but even when compared to our country's circumstances, the colon carcinoma and breast cancer has recently increased very sharply. In addition to these, the deficiency of light has been found to be involved in the onset of various modern diseases, but

Visible light is essential in terms of preventive medicien.


Origin of medical treatment is a self-healing power


Even though anyone knows that the origin supporting the life is nature and the medical treatment also relies upon the healing power provided by nature, there is scarcely one who hears of the healing power of nature from the doctor.


Under the background, they make little of healing power of nature and are more likely to adhere to the modern medicine. But it is noted that no medical treatment can be valid without natural healing power.

Hippocrates, a father of medicine said "Disease is cured by nature and doctor is rewarded" referring to the self-healing power as noted doctor staying in the body, but sunbath is applied to the medical treatment as a way enhancing the natural healing power. It is Visible light to use this act of sunbath anytime anywhere.


Immune function and Light


From old times, it has been said that fresh air and sunlight are good for health. To speak with today's knowledge, sunlight can make vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium from the intestine and also strengthens the immune function. In terms of preventive medicine, the light is not only infected easily but also makes the physical constitution resistant to the allergy, which leads to the effect to prevent cancer. And, in terms of treatment medical science, it improves the self-healing power provided with the individual. For the treatment of most diseases, Visible light can be expected.


"Heat Shock Protein (HSP)" involved with all diseases


The thermotherapy producing heat shock protein is making headlines in recognition of lots of indications at the result of recent study. - It lessens stress ulcer (gastroduodenal ulcer) * Injury, inflammation, infection, bronchial tubes before/after operation, asthma, allergy, rhinitis, atopy, dermatitis, arthritis, cerebrovascular disorder, heart attack, cerebral infarction, hypertension, ankylosing spondylitis, immunological disease, ulcerative colitis, disseminated sclerosis, distress or reduces of virus quantity of HIV (AIDS) infectee! And it is also considered to apply to Alzheimer's disease attributed to the protein problem. This Visible light is mainly useful for the systemic treatment.


Role as guard of immune body 면역체 보호자 기능


HSP's effect on the immune system, HSP's wonderful action and effect on various kinds of diseases are researched and is paid attention to advanced medical technology.


Some of diseases which cannot be treated by medication or operation has been already cured by light, this Visible light is in the spotlight as medical treatment in 21C. In the latest medicine, the gene is made importance for the biological control and the cause of disease. The gene acts to make protein according to the given program. In other words, protein made from the abnormal gene is abnormal protein. Various diseases are attributed to this abnormal protein. But, our body has the function restoring the abnormal protein to the normal inherently.

This is called "guard function". It is HSP that restore this abnormal protein to the normal and performs the guard function the most actively.


The action of HSP is quality management of body!


HSP can be commonly seen from germs to higher animal, but the important action is to manage the quality of protein which is a component of living things and governs the vital function. In other words, living organism can maintain the healthy function if protein properly works according to the role, but the structural fault or problems in protein causes the disease and the disease causes the manifestation of abnormal protein and aggregates the disease. Because Mr. Danaka who won Nobel prize last year developed protein analyzer, it is receiving the spotlight as molecular targeted therapy suppressing the action of cancer treatment protein. This indicates how future medicine makes importance of protein. HSP is combined with target protein (abnormal protein) and controls the structure formation, function and activities of protein. In other words, HSP can restore the protein function to the normal if the structural fault or problem in protein.


It is proved the method which makes HSP in the body as actual treatment is made by sunbath if it is mentioned in nature. The thermotherapy (high temperature) has been known as traditional treatment. It is a very dangerous treatment which raises the body temperature till 42°C forcibly for the purpose of killing the malignant tumor using microwave (electronic oven), etc but the recent study shows HSP made at the temperature of 39°C~39.542°C definitely used the heating action of far infrared rays on the deep part. This is called 마일드 서버미어요법.


Autonomic nerve endocrine system function and light


Recently, the action of light through vision has received attraction. The light acts to photoreceptor in the eye and is involved in the generation of biological rhythm or entrainment (biological clock). It is called melatonin formed in pineal body. Melatonin secretion has a cycle. If light comes in the eye, melatonin secretion decreases while it increases if it is dark. This hormone acts on hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and it is involved in all autonomic nerve endocrine functions such as digestion, absorption, metabolism, circulation, appetite, sexual function, etc. Therefore, if the biorhythm is unbalanced, several bromine (브롬) is output, but it is obvious that it is improved by a little treatment.


Immune reaction is required for self-healing power

(Self-renewal and self-defense function)

What's self-healing power?


It is obvious that life has the self-healing power associated with vital power, mysterious excellent ability indispensable to the survival of living things. In general, the self-healing power is used as the meaning of inborn provision ability such as wound healing (self-restoration function), immune reaction (self-defense function), homeostasis (homeostatic maintenance function), but it has been found that the key point of self-healing power is by no means fiexed but has the dynamic ability which is changed by various factors such as life style, stress, etc. This factor of self-healing power is immune system which recently new various discoveries has been continued and it is for the purpose of maintaining the homeostasis that immune system give correct and proper response.


The immune system consists of natural immunity provided by nature and acquired immunity, and it acts an essential role to keep the health maintenance such as to exchange information between cells in charge of immunity, to form the close network with nerve system and endocrine system, resistance to infection, prevention of allergic and autonomic immune disease, immune monitoring organization repelling the cancer cells, etc.


Meantime, why Hippocrates respected as a father of medicine (B.C 460 -B.C 375) introduced Visible light to the treatment known to make importance of self-healing power is because he noticed sunlight has the action improving the self-healing power.

We would like to discuss focused on the result of study on the effect of light improving the self-healing power on the immune system which has been explained.


Light has the action heating the body into the deep part by means of radiant heat from radiation (mainly red infrared ray) with excellent transmission. This light heating stimulation induces the onset of gene and produces HSP (It refers to stress protein from the viewpoint that stress is induced and raises the resistance to the stress, but it is generalized to call it heat shock protein (HSP) which the output increases significantly by about 100 times by the thermal stimulation), which revives the natural immunity, for example, activation of biological defense organization enhancing the cells damage activity of NK cell has been proved in the recent study.



Also, HSP is commonly recognized from bacteria to mammal, but it doesn't revive and activate natural immunity, but also reacts to all stress stimulus, therefore induces the durability and protects the cells (prevents the adverse effect or invasion of drugs according to medical treatment), returns the structural fault and degeneration of protein governing the functions as constituent of living things to normal structure and has the 샤프롱 function making the dysfunction normal, so it is a series of protein with efficient endogenous biological defense, but it was proved to be generated from infrared rays heating device, and it is considered to be very related to various therapeutic effect of light.


Acquired immunity and Light treatment


Acquired immunity only exists in animals as acquired immune system in response to the evolution. It is specific high-level immune reaction recognizing the things that doesn't work (nonself) such as bacteria, virus, toxin, pollen, xenoprotein, etc which macrophage and dentritic cell bring endocytic action as antigen, produces antibody and repels nantigen-antibody reaction nonself. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) which inherent immunodeficient immune function which acquired immunity obtaining this high level antigen peculiarity doesn't work deteriorate markedly, similarly to those who immune function slow down and receive the treatment of anticancer drug, it is prone to opportunistic infection or cancer.


On the other hands, if acquired immunity overreacts to foreign antigen and congests, allergic disease or abnormal reaction to self cells which will not react to originally is a cause of disease causing immune disorder, therefore the immune reaction, that's to say, homeostasis in antigen-antibody reaction, in other words, immune system should give correct and proper response.


Acquired immunity consists of two immunomechanism-one is cellular immunity and the other is humoral immunity. Nonself information which is obtained through inguritation by macrophage and spur cell, in other words, antigen information is commander cell. It is delivered to T-cell in lymphoid cell. Cellular immunity is that T-cell reacts to specific antigen and differentiates into cytoking productive T-cell producing and releasing T-cell (cytotoxic T cell) and cytokine directly attacking the antigen and

In humoral immunity T-cell differentiates into helper T-cell, helper T-cell delivers the information to B-cell which unusually produces antibody for specific antigen, B-cell differentiates into plasma cell, and then produces immunoglobulin antibody, but T-cell is inhibited by the interference of differentiating suppressor T-cell to avoid excessive antibody production of T-cell. And if the ability remembering the antigen information is re-exposed to antigen, immediately T-cell and B-cell produce antibody and start immune reaction. It is called booster (밀어) effect.


These days, highly pathogenic bird flu mutates into human type and brings about epidemic, in other words explosive epidemics across the world, therefore it is feared there will be many deaths, but it is not antigen against new virus which has been experienced, but booster effect cannot be expected because of absence of immune cellular memory. Therefore, Japan stores  anti-influenza virus and formulates anti-epidemic influenza vaccine using highly pathogenic bird flu virus, but it is important to know that our body recognizes natural immunity and new virus as antigen and makes antibody, therefore our body has the acquired immune ability since birth.


Meantime, it is said that sunbath in the summer prevents catching a cold in the winter. So to speak, this is a wisdom based on experience. For the act on arc light acquired immunity, cellular differentiation inductive action and calcium metabolic regulation for remedy of vitamin D produced by the photochemical action of UV rays are involved.










Full Spectrum Light System
"Automatic development of inverter low-power light irradiator"

Inverter-type design provides convenience to users through carbon rod automatic control that developed MOSFET module.

Most of the photovoltaic devices are manual, and after a certain period of time, the user has to adjust the spacing of carbon rods, and the smoke and smell of carbon combustion makes it very inconvenient for patients to use them.


The KG-CL003. KG-MC001. KG-MC002 product, developed by our company, automatically does not smoke or smell when arcing carbon rods automatically, and can be used automatically by setting carbon rods for four hours in a row without any inconvenience during the procedure.

It consists of various programs with LCD touch panels, making it more convenient for users.




Input power

AC190V -240V

Input frequency

50/60HZ 10A

input electric power

100W ~ 350W/220V

Operating Power



Output current (10%)

5A 22V 130W


7A 27V 200W


10A 27V 320W




15A 27V 590W


PWM: D/A Pulse Width Adjustment (5A,7A,10A)


Pulse ON / OFF control (output ON / OFF)

Input voltage


Output voltage

DC 48-100V Current: DC 13A MAX

Output power

Up to 500W


MAX 70- 85%

Power ON / OFF control


Control method

A/D PWM(1V-4V)




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kumgang advance co ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Neungseo-myeon,200-23 in Guyang-ri, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Electrical Components & Telecoms,Electronic Products,Other Beauty Equipment,Other Health Care Products,Rehabilitation Therapy products
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Dear Customers,

We will upgrade the life of human through the development in medical market keeping the pace with 21 century’s advanced digital times.

We will do our best to focus our management capacity in carrying out our management philosophy introducing new management method with long-term investment and research through the establishment of R&D center to enhance the position as the leader of IT and BT industries reviving challenging and pioneering spirit in tune with digital era.

We are the company that manufactures medical and health equipments to contribute to medical development through the supply of advanced medical equipment developed along with remarkable science development.


Our company has maintained its position for more than 20 years by special knowhow and spirit of ‘Customer First’, and medical department of Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd. will become a reliable company contributing to medical development continuously.


Our company developed carbon light therapy apparatus by light and heat utilizing sunlight.Today’s human health is always exposed to the danger, and our health is threatened by serious pollution and a lot of stress. As the world entered the aging society, importance of health and wellbeing is becoming the main topic. Interest in health is growing in this era as such.


Our product ‘Carbon Light’ has many thermal effects to warm the human body. Phototherapy that liberates the person from the suffering by the disease without taking medicines or undergoing operation using carbon light cures the modern diseases and boosts immunity. To recover the health, we need to utilize natural healing power kept in our body. Our company aims to give health and happiness to our homes and we are going to export the products worldwide.


We will do our utmost effort to realize Medical Equipment Health care Skin beauty healthy welfare society.  in the future based on public confidence through excellent quality and outstanding individuals contributing to medical development, and we will become a company of e-biz & industry that brings beautiful world and harmony of on-off line. 

Thank you.


Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd.


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